Key to Live Happy..!! Yes you hear right I know you have been seeing these things from ages but trust me i have proof with a great examples.

As Now days we all have a mindset that key to happiness is money. Money is important friends but it is not necessary to have the most to be happy , you know what we all think rich people are happy no its not they are the people who have a support of money , I am not saying that they are unhappy not all of them But please dont think that they are happy because of their money . So , apart from the theories i will be explaining you with an example My mother is from nice rich family as compared to my father’s family this situation is when my parents got married . Apart from that my mom married my father she adjusted and one thing more they have an arranged marriage so no choices to her, thats not important is that today the condition is opposite , my father is very well settled man who can give everything to my mom But all the years my mom and me lived as very middle class family we knew the importance of money we are really not fond of buying expensive hings we got a habit of saving . We were happy We are happy . But my younger ones they never live in that poorer situation so they are lacking that value of money But me as elder one is always reminding my times that time is not same  we all need to be prepared for that. MONEY IS IMPORTANT BUT DON’T MAKE IT YOUR OXYGEN ,BECAUSE YOU WILL SUFFOCATE AT VARIOUS PHASES OF LIFE. Now take another example people decide to live with a person who has more money for their better living they choose there partner for the money not to share love just to share money share is wrong word just to be the part of someone else’s money . So the example is My aunt got married to a government teacher who easily earn 1 lac per month ,So my maternal grandfather decided that my aunt should marry him he can give him a better life my aunt was  very fond of shopping and stuff. So there family gives a dowry of 8 lac that her to be husband’s family ask for So they fulfill their demand , they got married . But you know what she is not just unhappy she is suffering like hell , she does not even have a life like a stray dog that can take oxygen properly, He is having money but he is not ready to spent on my aunt he just think that she is just another maid like her mother , my aunt is having a son who also dont respect her mother just because his father is not doing. Her son is forced to disrespect her , And you know what they have a reason that she is not having degrees as his husband she cannot earn she need to be treated like this only, See the result of marrying WEALTHY PERSON, WHOSE HEART IS OF SHIT. So please have self respect guys be with a person who respects you for what you are . OKAY? download


Making a time table is a rubbish idea!! Provided with Great Tip for achieving your goal. Students must read helpful for their study plan…!!

Yes , This is right time table is not for everyone only a few can deal with this , the very few are not legends they are robots who are not living for themselves they are living for some other responsibilities OKAY!! So we dont need to get sad for what we cannot do, its just we are special in something bigger . If people say that you are a back bencher  not capable of anything please just once ask them to be a backbencher for one day , just once, you know what they will say NO because they dont have a courage to be you they dont have strength to do so.. You need to be proud of yourself that there is something you can do but they cant . Yes I know we are diverted from our topic , so making time table is rubbish all you need a mindset that you have to complete this much in this much time and you know what at first you will not succeed but you will be near your goal then next day more near then more .. In a week you will reach you goal till then you will know how to manage time and how to reach my goal no more timetables. ONE MORE TIP: WHEN YOU ARE DOING ANYTHING BETWEEN THE PROCESS NEVER HOW MUCH PORTION YOU HAVE COVERED AND HOW MUCH YOU NEED TO COVER,  For example while studying if you reading a book never look back that how much you cover and hwo much you need to this will only lead to overconfidence or demotivation . Its because if you have studied less then you will be demotivated or if you have studied more then you will have a overconfidence that you can do you will delay that a small portion is left i can do later on but by this you will never reach a goal. Study-plan-Essay-Examples-and-templates


Hello people, the day we start something is the very first step towards our success. So all we need is to try, i know you will thing this all parental bullshit everyday we listen. So lets start with a story or say my life life issues. Yes, I am a very lazy girl with only sleeping habits the girl who only plans about sleeping and rest but apart from that i am responsible because we all are responsible what we are doing we are sleeping that is our headache we need more sleep we are responsible but are parents think we are just wasting over things all we need to explain them is that this not your time you will rock when you are ready. But on your inner self you should know that you are preparing for your best to achieve in a very first try and you will prove yourself OKAY?! You are on earth for some purpose not for just watching series and movies and making other people make success and money the more you watch these the more you are making competetion difficult nobody wants other people success all you need to concentrate on your when you are going enjoying things that means you are just allowing people to make more money and you are wasting yours on others success or as reward of appreciation for them. Is that needed?? NO hell yeah please dont mind my spelling mistakes..hahah new writer.WE ALL SHOULD BE AWARE OF THIS.THANKYOU TO ALL GORGEOUS PEOPLE READING.SUCCESS SOON=ALL THE BEST.